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Maria looked up from her internal conflict to see somebody standing in the doorway with a very mean expression on his face. Come to think of it, hadn't she seen him somewhere before?

"You again..." She said. "...uh, also."

As he brought up where Duncan was, the realization came to her that she just stormed out of the grocery store and left Cass and Duncan behind. Panic quickly started to overcome her as she turned around to where she came...to find Cass quickly approaching, letting out a sigh of relief as she said that Duncan wasn't too far behind.

"Oh!" She exclaimed. "I remember! You were at the rec center before." She said, looking towards the boy. "Did you find who you were looking for? This place has gotten pretty crazy. It's like you can't even turn around anymore without seeing somebody go crazy and beat somebody else in the face with a stick." She said, cringing a bit as she remembered what happened to Phil.


Duncan was indeed not far behind, having woken up with the announcements, just in time to catch Maria hurrying out the door.

"Wha-hey! Maria!" Duncan said, following after her and Cass, though on the way, he started thinking about the dream he had. Not anything fanciful or weird; instead his brain had decided to play back what had happened at the docks, before they ran into that killing. His pace slowed a bit as she remembered her words.

"Thanks, Duncan...If it wasn't for you and Cass, I would've lost my mind by now."

Duncan couldn't help but feel guilty. Even if just being there was helping, it still wasn't enough. Maria was still suffering, and it was clear it was just getting worse. But hell, what was he supposed to do? Get everyone on the island to stop killing each other? Yeah right. Duncan just felt more and more helpless the more he thought about it. He had come to a decision that he'd do what he could to get Maria off the island, as well as her friends if he could somehow manage it, but even then, what the hell could he do? He got completely screwed on the weapon front, and had to make due with a sharp stick, but even Cass had him outclassed on the sharp stick department. He couldn't come up with a decent escape plan to (literally) save his life. He had been looking forward to finding Maria again, but now that he did he was feeling like more and more of a load.

As Maria came into sight, he stood back, letting out a sigh as it appeared that she was okay. Even still, he had to try. Even if he WAS a useless load, he still had to put forth the effort. If just being there was enough, then goddammit he'd be there. That would be his legacy on this island.

"Duncan...I...I lo-"

Duncan's face flushed a bit. He already knew what she was trying to say. He remembered back to what had happened when Zach broke up with her. Back then, he rejected her because she was on the rebound, and he was sure that if the two of them tried anything they'd just wind up regretting it later. Even now, he was still worried that this was something like that. That she was just scared from everything that had happened. But there was no denying that he didn't feel the same way.

Dammit, why the hell did all this have to be so complicated?

"Hey, Maria!" Duncan called out as he started to approach her. "Are you alr
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