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She had shot him.

Janet was pissed when she'd pointed that shotgun in her face; the cunt seemed to be on her side at first, but she'd shown her true colours the moment her guard was down and now Janet was one itchy finger away from having her heads blown on the floor. That rage that had just been ripping Fat John's face to pieces had found itself backed into a corner by impending gunfire.

Slowly she had gotten up, glaring at Sofia the entire time. The only sounds she made were bitter curses behind gritted teeth; it was amazing how calm she was considering what she'd been going through her heads not moments before, but damn if she was stupid enough to get shot in the face just because she couldn't keep her cool. She was better than this bitch, that was for sure. She wasn't going to go out with a bang.

The bitch felt the need to kick John into getting up too, even if he was perfectly shootable on the floor. She was in the mood now, getting into kicking everyone and controlling people, running things her way, and there wasn't shit Janet could do about it. She had to keep it cool for now, even if she did want nothing more than to rip the cunt's fucking eyes out.

Insult to injury came next, as Sofia tossed the map in between them. Yeah, like she was falling for that: take the map then fuck off. No way she'd use that gun pointed right in the middle of her damn forehead if she even moved a muscle. No, it would wait and she'd get that map later, after she'd taken the opportunity to beat Sofia's miserable face in.

Yet the situation was still going.

Sofia had the gun pointed at them both and wasn't showing any signs up letting up. She wasn't going to let them go, that was for sure, but what about step two? Every move said she was going to kill them, but that wasn't possible: they were just high schoolers, not killers, even with everything going on. But she still had that gun pointed, and there was a look in her eye: the look of someone with a plan.

Shit, she was serious.

Of course she was serious, all this time she was still talking to John like it was the end for him, still asking John if he had any last fucking words! She wasn't just going to pull up the gun, and then walk away right? Right!? She was going to do it, she was actually going to


The wind whispered across the cliffs.

Just like that, Fat John had flopped off the cliff as the shotgun fired into his chest. Just like that, someone she had gone to high school with died in front of her.

Just like that, someone she had gone to high school with killed in front of her.


She had shot him.

An overwhelming hatred went above and beyond what Janet had felt before.

"Why the fuck did you do that?!"
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