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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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[If You Don't, Don't --> Logan Reynolds]

Whilst walking straight forward, heedless of whatever happened until it seemed like something he wanted anything to do with had seemed like a great idea a few hours ago, Logan soon decided that his long trek south-east would probably be safer if he skirted around the mansion, and the hut not far from it. So, with the sun at its apex in the sky, he found himself alive and alone, a few yards from a stretch of sandy beach. Seemed as good a place to be as any, so he finished off the last tiny stretch of his journey, ending at the sea.

Although he lacked a mirror, it was pretty obvious to Logan that his hair was a mess and almost every bit of exposed skin was at least slightly dirtied, at most covered in dried on mud. He needed a shave, too, but not much he could do about that. In his haste to dump his daypack, blazer and hakapik by the shore, the boy didn't notice he was no longer alone on the sand. He just made straight for the cool water, kicked his shoes off and left his socks inside them, then dunked his head under, closing his eyes against the sting of the saltwater.

It was only a few seconds later, having blinked his eyes clear and flicked the saturated hair out of his face, that Logan looked around to see Erika not far down the coastline. Not that he identified her as such, his mind simply labelled her as "Some girl with a gun". The gun part made him freeze for a moment, but he quickly snapped out of it, raising a hand in a simultaneous wave and gesture of "I'm not holding a big dangerous weapon right now", and called out "Uh, hi?".

His eyes darted between the pistol and his shoes, trying to decide whether or not he'd have time to put them back on if she started shooting. Running away barefoot was not an appealing thought. "And it's my own stupid fault for not paying attention. I thought I was better than this."
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