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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Ivan looked around the top floor some more, though all he had to do was pivot on his heels. From that one spot, he could see down the stairs, in the bathroom, and into the bedroom. Definitely a simple abode, but there would only be two people staying inside. There was more than enough room for just him and Tabi.

While the bathroom seemed to have nothing of much interest or requiring investigation (it was just a bathroom, after all), Ivan took a few steps away from the stairs to enter the doorway into the bedroom. He went to flick on the light, but nothing came on. "Power's out..." He grumbled to himself, though he wasn't completely sure. Maybe the power was out, or maybe the light bulb was just burnt out. There was only one way to tell, and he couldn't do it from here.

Losing interest in the upstairs for now and having deemed it safe, Ivan headed for the stairs when he heard some mumbling. The voice was hard to make it except for the fact it was female... but then again, to the best of his knowledge, so was Tabi (she certainly looked like a girl in those wet clothes of hers). Still, something wasn't right about it. As though he were familiar with the voice, but it wasn't the girl who he'd been spending all of his time with.


There was no answer.

"Tabi! Is there somebody down there!?" Ivan lifted the shotgun and braced it with his right hand. The graze on his arm still wasn't looking to be in the best of shape, and it stung in disapproval of his actions. He had long gotten used to the wound, though... there was more than enough time to worry about it later. For now, he had to make sure Tabi wasn't in trouble. Again.

I can't leave that damn girl alone for ONE second, or else-

As Ivan covered his exit from the stairs, he was faced with a sight that confirmed his fears. There was Tabi, two guns pressed to her head. Those guns were held by the hands of a girl who had some history with them both. A girl who, as far as Ivan was concerned, could hang from her toenails until they fell right out of their sockets for what she did. There was Clio Gabriella, Tabi's life at her mercy.

"You... damn you..." Ivan muttered in disbelief, anger, frustration... a confusing swirl of emotions bubbled up as he was confronted with his nightmare from day one. The shotgun in his hands was at the ready, but for what? Clio had Ivan exactly where she wanted him. She had two guns, one of which she could keep pointed at Tabi, and one which she could point right at him. If he tried to shoot her, there was a good chance he'd catch Tabi in the blast.

"Leave her out of this..." Ivan spoke lowly, his weapon unwavering. "You want revenge? Take it from me." He was shaking by now; he was never one to make speeches, but he had to keep talking, to make Clio do what he wanted or it was over for them both. "I heard about you, Clio, killing all those people. I killed somebody too, and I'm sure you know that. There's a difference between us, though. I'm not like you... I'm not a monster. So show me how tough you are, Clio. Put... put those guns down, and take me on like a real killer."

He held his breath, tensing up. Would she buy it?
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