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We return to our regularly scheduled lack of fluff.

#1. Julian Avery (Jonny) - (Crash - Roll Nullification Card Used)
#2. Sapphire McLeod (Dropbear) - Ben Powell (Corrupt Dropbear, Swap Card used)
#3. Ridley Landon (KingKamor)
#4. Charlene Norris (Decoy) - Jason Clarke (decoy73, Swap Card used)
#5. Jimmy Brennan (LittleBoy) - (Little Boy - Roll Nullification Card Used)
#6. Duncan MacMahon (SuperLlama)
#7. Victoria Logan (Yvaine)
#8. Jacob Charles (Inky)

As per usual, card playing time is three days (The 19th), whilst you have a further SEVEN days to get the deaths done. (26th).

And now, something that I'm not best pleased about having to do, but this is frankly getting a little bit ridiculous, so we're putting our foot down.


From here on, this is how we're going to go about it.

* We're still treating these subjectively and on a case by case basis. We're going to decide what warrants an extension. If you are 'busy', go into details unless it is a seriously personal issue, and even then, I would prefer if you PMed your most trusted staff member with the details. We don't like to intrude, but equally, life catches up with everyone to a greater or lesser degree. Just having a bit of extra schoolwork isn't going to cut it.

* We won't, however, be accepting reasons such as 'The person I want to do the kill is in another thread' - that's frankly just tough. We don't really care if it's the other person's fault, if they're not clearing their occupied thread IMMEDIATELY, then you're the one that should be looking into alternative avenues of death. Writer's block is also not a good enough reason unless you can qualify it with something else going on. Creatively drained does not mean you can't get up a death post. Will it be the ABSOLUTE BEST death you can do? No, but at least it'll be on time. Nothing says you can't spruce it up a little later.

* From here on, only your first extension will allow you to remain eligible for BKA/BDA. If you get two, then sorry, but you're no longer allowed to be in those competitions for this particular character. You took to long. If the second extension expires, then we're taking control of the death ourselves. Note that if you DON'T ask for an extension and go over the ten days, we're going to take the character off your hands.

Again, sorry for being a hardass on this, but the level of procrastination and the number of deadlines not being met have made this a serious issue. Hopefully we won't have to take your rights from you, but we will if you make it necessary.

That said, have fun with this round of deaths, folks.
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