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Tabi Gweneth found it wierd standing in the house. It was by all acounts, undesturbed, and her thoughts turned back to home. She was standing in a place that was similiar to her own home. She stepped into the kitchen and found her self gazing at the cherry stained wood floors, the cabinets of a similar stain, and the polished countertops. It was like whoever was here had never left. The thought of people living here caused her to shudder at the thought of what happened to them.

Tabi didn't want to know the answer.

She heard the loud thunk from the stairs and turned to the sound. Ivan said that it was clear and it caused the young girl sighed in relief.

"All right, just be careful Ivan," she called out.

Now that she was alone, Tabi took to staring out the lone window in the kitchen. There wasn't much for her to see out there. She found herself just staring out at yet another building. Her thoughts lingered back to home and to how her mom and dad were handling this.

Her mom was probably forced to write about this for the newspaper. How her daughter was forced to try and kill people. How she had nearly died so many times. And how her father, who was already in a stressful job, she just hoped that they were doing okay.

She tried to shake her head to stop herself from crying, but to no avail. She lifted her arms up to whipe her face, but something stopped her.

Tabi felt two metal objects pointing at her temples. She gasped, opening her mouth to speak but the sounds of the clicks caused her to freeze. She had a pair of guns pressed against her head.

And then the wielder spoke...

Tabi let out another gasp. There was only two people that knew about her soiling herself. One of them was Ivan. The other...

"C-C-C-Clio..." she wimpered.

Her body began to shake again, causing the barrels on her pistols to tap against her skull. Her cheeks became damp with her tears. She was trying her hardest to keep silent, but the occasional sob escaped her lips.

It had happened again, she had been ambushed by someone and she was alone again. She couldn't call for Ivan now, she would be dead. It may not even matter if she spoke, she may not have much time to live anyways.

She was hoping her mom and dad weren't watching now...
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