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What the hell was going on?

Once the girls hit the deck over near that fountain, someone else showed up as well, some girl who looked pretty familiar showed up with them as well. The really short girl on the ground looked like she might have been fumbling with something, he couldn't tell, but nothing happened. It didn't look like anything was happening, right? At least Colin and Tim didn't look like they saw anything dangerous, cause then Colin waltzed over there.

You idiot, you know better than everyone here that you could probably just be waltzing over to some killers.

So they talked, and talked some more, and they didn't want to stay with them. That was fine by Jacob, they could look for his bag elsewhere. If it wasn't for Tim piping up, then it probably would have ended a bit smoother.

...wait, they were here first? Jacob wasn't sure. All he knew, as he approached 5 of his classmates from behind them, was that they showed up and saw that short girl there. If she showed up at the same time as them, then...probably? Still, as Jacob appeared on Colin's opposite side, he couldn't help but give Tim a confused look.

And then...

Jacob got a good look at the girl, and swallowed in instinctive fear. She was looking pretty nasty, pretty intimidating (though he wouldn't have admitted it even under torture) in the looks department, while there was something about her that seemed familiar somehow. The other two girls were more recognisable, however. You had Victoria Logan, one of Bayview's more loose girls, and Bounce, some SOTF fanatic he saw in a discussion with some people about said show not long before the trip. They kinda stood out in a crowd, in that "hey-I-know-you-but-I-don't" kinda way.

But why did the girl out front look so familiar?

...oh, that was it.

Ben told him about her, she was that tall chick from the fencing team, he knew her. Alice, right?

"...hey Alice." Jacob said grimly, but she wasn't sure if she heard him, since the Russian chick jumped out and yelled at Alice to get back. He glanced around him, looking mainly at what he had in his hands (namely, nothing; what was the matter then?), and then around him. No one else was here, but it looked like Timothy woah when did he get that gun?

Jacob didn't know what was happening any more, but he instead gritted his teeth and just hoped that everyone wasn't stupid or paranoid enough to think the wrong things.

It's not like he trusted them. He just didn't wanna die because they knew that.
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