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Thea rolled her eyes as whatever important conversation Alex wanted to have with her was sidetracked by the arrival of Jasper-Declan. “Later,” he said to her. As if, came her mental response. I so almost care what you think you understand about me. What loosing an arm makes you somehow think you know me?

She sorted through James’ things with a little more force than necessary. She glanced over at Charlie who’d come over now that Alex was distracted.

"Thea ... I'm so sorry about James. I ..." Charlie began.

She nodded absently, what was she supposed to say. Gee me too. I was you know kind of fond of him myself. She glanced at the bag in front of her and noticed something white peaking out from among James’ things. She leaned forward and grabbed it, realizing that it was a picture. Turning it over she found she was staring at the two of them. It was a series of four shots that she’d managed to talk him into taking at the mall. They’d wedged themselves into one of those photo booths. She smiled as she remembered that day.

Charlie’s voice broke into Thea’s memories. "I owe Alex one, so for him I may not shoot her myself, but if she comes along, I may just ... 'space out' if you try to get her."

“I’m sorry what? You just had the nerve to say what to me? We’ve been friends since the SECOND GRADE and all you can manage to do is ‘space out’? Because you owe Alex. Who’s kept all of your secrets for the past ten years? What are you sleeping with him too? That’s awfully fast work, even for you my dear,” Thea stopped and blinked as the rest of Charlene’s words sunk in.

“Wait, you were there when she killed the first time? And you didn’t do anything to stop her or even slow her down? So because you decided she’s hot you let her slide and now, NOW I don’t have a boyfriend. And the best you can do is pretend that you’re not there? You’re unbelievable you know that. UN-BELIVEABLE.”

Thea finished throwing James’ things into her bag and pushed herself off the ground. She stalked away shouldering her way past the boys to find Evelyn. She stopped short to see that Jason stood alone staring into the woods. “Where’s Evie,” she demanded.
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