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After a single kiss, she was gone. One thing that Raine had always beaten Ridley in was her running speed. Hell, it was one of the things he liked about her. Without even asking him of his opinion on the scream, she ran off without a second thought. Saving their fellow students? Sure, he was all for it. However, sticking together was another part of his grand plan to survive on the island. He just wished he had told that to Raine before she ran on ahead of him and that she paid any head to his shouts.

It wasn't particularly difficult to follow her path with the dirt and mud leaving good marks where she was, but he felt much too far away from her for his comfort. He turned a corner around a tree, hopped down to the top of a rock from a small ledge and bounded onward, yet still he had not caught up.


He skid to a stop and made a b-line towards the voice. Whoever he was, he sounded angrier than Ridley was even able to imagine. Just as he dodged around a tree to proceed onward, he saw exactly what he did not want to see.

Some guy was grabbing Raine by the neck, grinding her face into the side of a tree.

Ridley's nose wrinkled in anger, his body preemptively shot adrenaline into his veins, and quicker than he knew he was able, his hand snapped to the handle of his gun and pointed it at the attacker. "GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HER, YOU PSYCHO!!"
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