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Aw, look, Liz didn't like being all up and close to a dead body. Wasn't that heart-wrenching? She was still human, deep down inside, or some shit like that. Only, hey, wait, no. Liz was a wuss. A coward. Couldn't even bear to deal with the consequences of her actions. Crazy thoughts: Make her kiss Daisuke. Make her get up real close and make out with a corpse. But no. No, that wasn't right, wasn't the right thing to do here. This wasn't about fucking Liz up. Well, okay, that was actually exactly what this was about, but it was about fucking Liz up in a very specific way.

And Liz was just gonna play along. What other choice did she have? It took strength to get what you wanted, and Liz had already burned through her stock. Kimberly vaguely wondered if it'd crush Liz to realize that she didn't even like the results of what she'd tortured herself for. Whatever. Everyone had to reap the rewards of their actions. Kimberly was totally prepared to deal with hers. Fuck, someone could round the corner at any moment, and if someone else saw this little scene, the shit would really hit the fan. A player might gun the both of them down, get a gun, two kills, and a special weapon in one go. A misguided "hero" wouldn't be very pleased about what Kimberly was doing, would try to stop her and save Liz, no matter what it took. If it came down to it, though, if someone tried to play savior, Kimberly was more than willing to plug Liz on the spot. No way was she losing this match. No regrets.

And Liz was writing. Ha. Good. Though she could still talk, just not much. Kimberly had to remember that. Had to keep everything straight, not let anything turn the situation. Liz showed her the words, the flashlight's beam flickering over them, and Kimberly just started laughing. Laughing and laughing, but not closing her eyes, stare and gun still fixed on Liz. Let it drag for a couple uncomfortable seconds.

"Liz," she said, "you stole the words right out of my fucking mouth. What is the point of this? Are you happy?"

Just wait. So many ways this could go now. This was the branching point. Liz's answer would say a lot about her, would determine Kimberly's avenue of attack. She had more than enough. The end, though, that was something she had all planned out pretty much any way this went.

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