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((Rena Peters continued from Selfish))

Rena felt awkward. That was really all there was to say on the situation. Sunil wasn't really talking, Garry was a killer with a guilty conscious, and Rena had literally nothing to say to either of them. Then again, she wasn't particularly good at saying things to regular people either, so this was probably not much of an exception.

They came to a stop as the announcements crackled on, but Rena was trying her best not to listen. She didn't need to know. Of course, she heard anyway, but she had gotten very good at ignoring things these past few days, and this particular morning was no exception.

Garry, on the other hand, was not ignoring things. He seemed to be teetering dangerously close to some sort of edge, and Rena guessed that the guilt was eating him up.

Which, maybe, was what he got for killing a person.

She felt horrible for even thinking that, and diverted her eyes from Garry as he turned back around to ask if they were okay. "Yeah. Fine. Really."

She did not look up until she heard Garry stopped talking very suddenly. He was rubbing his cheek, and Rena stood there, slightly dumbfounded as to why. She did not even notice the pinecone laying at his feet. He'd just sort of....stopped.

That's...not a good sign?

She was really at a loss for what to think, until Garry started yelling at someone named Dustin. Rena turned to where he was facing, where she saw the others.

Dustin. That name sounded familiar. And he looked-

Oh. Oh shit.

The boy from the tunnels. The boy who she'd called a killer. That boy. Yeah, of all the people she could run into again, she ran into him.

What were the odds?

Had she not been in a terrible death game, Rena might have actually tried to solve that problem.

She whipped her head back down again, staring at her feet. Don't look up and he won't recognize you.

It was suddenly very obvious to Rena that Raine and Ridley might have followed Dustin. She hadn't seen them when she looked up, but she hadn't looked up for that long. And if they were there....well they'd want an explanation. They'd be angry. They'd want to know why.

She couldn't explain herself. Not to them. Not after the tunnels. Not after the blood.

Just don't look up. Just don't look up. Just don't look up.
It's hard to get ahead when half your friends are dead!

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