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Simon watched, relieved, as the pair walked into a house ahead of him, having not noticed him. He breathed a sigh of relief as he pulled back, wiping the sweat from his brow before peering out momentarily to see ...

Oh, shit. They were being followed. Okay. It wasn't just that. It was the person following them. Clio. She turned into the same house after pulling out two guns. Simon pulled back again, cursing the chain of events in motion. Had this been any other psycho killer with five acknowledged kills, Simon would have run like hell. Of course, things get slightly fuzzy given that Simon had been dating said psycho killer.

On the one hand, he could leave right now. He'd be safe, but it would leave the question of what happened to Clio and the pair inside. On the other hand, if he intervened, he put himself in danger, he could cleverly stop anything from going wrong ... or he could die having accomplished nothing. It swung either way. Live like a wimp, or risk death in battle. It was times like this when he envied the simple computer. Able to do whatever it was told, and it never worried about moral dilemmas. Yes/no, stay/go, decision made. Next one, please. So, Simon agonized for what was a good five minutes ... to him. In reality, it had taken about two seconds, but sometimes, stress makes time run slower.

If I die here, well, here's hoping I die I hero, or better yet, don't die. He walked up to the door of the house, and slowly pushed the door open a creak, and ...


So, die like a hero huh? ... Simon pulled himself back, decided to bravely ...

Fuck it. ... walk away as quietly as possible, stepping away from the door he was about to enter through. I'll live as a wimp.
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