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Shouting snapped Aaron's attention away from his notebook, jolted him into awareness. He didn't reach for the gun, because his hands were full. Anyways, no need to worry. It was just Aileen, all upset and ranting. Yeah, no real surprise or change there. Ranting was pretty much Aileen's role in this operation, along with being annoyingly contrary. Still, she got points for being competent enough to keep up. Maybe she'd even managed to drag Richard or Lily along. And yet... her tone wasn't really befitting a subordinate in a serious organization. She was tossing out an order awfully confidently.

"We had to get moving," Aaron said. "Rob was a killer. Jacquard too. The best bet was to make a quick surprise move, neutralize any resistance preemptively. He was clearly trying to split us and kill us. If we'd just left, he could have started shooting. You saw how he was hanging on to that gun. Instead, with any luck, we now have one less player around, since I'm pretty sure I got him."

Yeah, hey, that was a good point. Aaron was going to be on that happy morning radio show. That was a pretty bad thing to have happen, but at least Rob was a familiar name, a murderer. That meant things weren't too dire. Aaron would just have to be careful to play things a little cooler in the future, choke back the aggression just a bit. Okay, if that's what it took to get them off, he could do it. He hoped the announcements didn't scare Bounce off. Will and Alice, too. They weren't likely to be happy, but they knew him, right? They'd trust him.

He'd told Bounce they'd be at the sawmill after a few days. As long as he kept that appointment, things should roll along just fine. Of course, he'd have to be careful with the approach, now. Good chance that, knowledgeable or no, someone would get hold of Bounce and pump her for information. Yeah... best to be very careful indeed. Maybe show up a day late.

Aaron glanced around, hoping to see Lily or Richard coming along, hoping to be spared the sight of Jacquard and Rob. Still, it was a girl with a bum leg and a guy who was probably bleeding to death. How hard could they possibly be to ditch?
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