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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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In just a moment, Leila would be dead.

Yes, here it was! Goddamn, if he savored this moment any longer, he'd probably just get down on his knees and continue pulverizing Leila's face with his fist, or his elbow, or the butt of that goddamn junky gun. As incredibly fun as all of that would be, he had to be quick. Efficiency was key, here; just one shattering through her skull, spreading her brains all over the innocent rock behind her, then he'd drag her off for Tiffany.

His finger rested on the trigger.

"Bye, Le- WHO THE FUCK!?"

Somebody had approached from his left, just barely in his field of vision. No, they didn't just approach... they mother-fuckin' APPEARED out of thin air. Brook's head shot up and to the side, looking to the girl who had happened upon them with wide and probably twitching eyes. In return, she was staring right back at him as though she was walking in on something she shouldn't have been seeing. Which she was. His bloody destiny was about to unfold, and somebody wanted to ruin it!? Fine. All the more for Tiffany.

This didn't stop Brook from being completely incensed at the intrusion, however. Ooooh no, Ms... eh... whatever the fuck her name was would pay dearly for what she just did! He turned the gun to her, stepping forward. One, two strides, and he was already in her face before she could react. He didn't even thing about what she was doing before she wrapped a hand around the back of Raine's head, wrenching to the right as though to throw her.

As luck would have it (though 'luck' in this sense was quite the relative term), Raine didn't have to go very far before her face was forced up against the trunk of the very same tree Leila was up against a few moments ago. Ah, the white pine, known for its very rough bark... okay, it wasn't known for that as much as it was for its tendency to drop pitch and sap on new cars, but Brook knew as well as anybody could that the bark was quite rough, and thus unserviceable for one's face.

His hand shoved and pulled, frantically trying to scrape Raine's face across the trunk of the tree, doing the best to resist her own flails and struggles. "DO. NOT. GET. IN. MY. WAY!" Brook screamed in time with the grinding.

Does this hurt, bitch? Well, don't come crying to me! You brought this upon yourself!!
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