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((Sunil Savarkar also continued from Selfish.))

The walk from the large sprawl of tree stumps where Jake Crimson now lay dead had been uneventful. Rather awkward, if anything, as he wasn't the best conversationalist, and it was obvious to anyone with an ounce of common sense that Garry was still tormented over what had happened. Despite Sunil's complaining about his current circumstances and his rather dour mood, it was obvious that he had not had the worst experience on the island by a wide margin.

The last announcement had seemed to continue sending Garry's mood spiralling downwards. Sunil was concerned; partially for Garry's emotions, but partially because, from a cold-hearted tactical viewpoint, having a grouchy, mentally unstable, physically intimidating werewolf-aficionado was hardly the safest decision in terms of travel arrangements. Still, for now at least, Garry seemed to be controlling his rage just fine, and Garry did seem rather relieved that he and Rena had chosen to follow him.

Muttering a mumbled, half-true "yeah, alright", in response to Garry's question, he continued following behind him, dragging his feet along, trying to think of a suitable escape plan (failing that, a good way to spend his final moments.) Not being the brightest of kids, Sunil's quick brainstorming session turned up blank.

Then a pine cone hit Garry in the face.

Well, that was random.

Quickly stifling a rude, unwanted laugh at the pine cone in the face, Sunil looked up at the Dustin Garry was referring to. Garry seemed to know him.

Well, everyone knew of Dustin, obviously. Pretentious manwhores tended to have quite an established reputation around St. Paul. Just Sunil didn't actually know him, so unlike Garry, he couldn't really comment on whether the rumours were true or whether Dustin could be trusted in a crazy situation like this.

Sunil stood still, a blank, sombre expression on his face, and allowed Garry to catch the attention of Dustin and anyone else nearby.
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