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((Clio Gabriella continues from Out and In))



The least-stale piece of bread left in her bag was met by sharp incisors. One of her only pleasures, the last true one she could indulge in at this time, the simple act of eating and keeping her hands on a good piece of bread...yes, that was just ruined as well. Squinting, she saw that even it was speckled with dots of green and blue. It flew to the wayside, bouncing out of site behind a large tree, and Clio moved back to her position in the bushes.

She'd been there a while, doing something one would call "staking out the scene". She wasn't a scout, so she was rather unprepared for harshing the wilderness for so long. Even with her inconspicuous position, there was always the chance of someone taking out their anger on the wildlife in her vicinity, and then the island would be down half its Italian sluts.

What was she staking out? Competition. Every so often, people would leave the town down the path, or through the trees near her. It was only a matter of time before a straggler left. And then she'd pounce. If they were armed, then she wouldn't waste time. If they weren't, they would meet their end the hard way. She didn't have any testimonies to the contrary, so Clio assumed that a Sai to the gut was a painful way to go. They'd deserve it anyway, if they didn't have anything useful to give her, like another gun.

On the subject of food, she'd ignored the wine. No matter what impression Maxwell gave off when he gave it to her, there was nothing classy about drinking wine from a water bottle. What kind of girl did he take her for, anyway? Instead of touching that stuff, she'd gone through about 3 lukewarm bottles of water and resisted the primal urge to go for the tastier stuff.

She wasn't concerned about eating right now, but more about keeping her eye on her bit of town. If she could just get a weak straggler...

...hold on.

Clio moved away an overhanging full branch from her little area, and looked down the path heading to the group of houses. There were people there. That word and their direction drove her reason for not gunning them down. People. Not a person, but more than one. She couldn't take down a group of people, it'd backfire bad for her.

While the people moved closer, she held her head in the palm of her hand and sighed. This really wasn't such a good idea, especially since she hadn't seen anyone on their own all day. If she waited for the next few days, and ran out of energy before she could even bat her eyelashes, then what was honestly the point in wasting all this time?

However, as the people got closer, she mentally whited-out those words. The main reason behind this was because these two people had a certain quality to them now that she could see their faces.

They were some of the first ones who got away.

Ivan Kuznetsov. The tennis player she wounded on their first Day. According to the big man in the sky, he beat Keith Christoph to death and won a weapon for it. Her mind did a double take when the aforementioned weapon came out of the darkness in her conscience and placed itself in his hands. A giant shotgun, nothing she'd ever seen, or even had described to her.


And with her was the skater chick he "rescued" on the first day, Tabi. Tabi Gweneth or something. Now this was just too cute to interrupt. Had he been travelling around with her for the last few days, protecting her from all the big mean boys on the island? What a leech. She was gonna die, she didn't even kill anyone. She probably spent the whole time crying, shrieking, begging for Ivan to save her.

...well, this was just perfect, wasn't it? Unfinished business. Take out the ones who got away the first time.

They passed by, and Clio was ready. Silently, she followed parallel only just a bit behind them. All the way to town, she stayed out of the way. Not one word escaped the two of them, and as they ventured into the house, she was almost right behind them, dropping her bag, Ji, and Sai at the door, and shoved her Walther PPK's box of ammo into the back of her skirtline. The momentary exploration of the house was merely absent of their unknowing predator, who took the moment to pull her two guns from her bag. She always told herself to avoid wielding akimbo, the risk of one being stolen and used against her too great for such an occasion, but honestly, it was just insurance. If there wasn't too much ammo left in the Korth, going in with 3 bullets between 2 people was a blatant suicide attempt.

By the doorway of the room adjacent to the stairway, she hid. It was only for a fleeting moment though, as when the creak echoed throughout the house, her hands were now clenched to her guns, and when the pounding steps bang, bang, banged against the floor, she slowly crept up behind the skater chick and pressed each barrel to each temple.

Oh, and to really nail the danger home?

She pulled back both hammers.


A harsh and taunting whisper erupted from Clio's throat as the girl stood there, in more possible danger than anyone else on the island.

"I wouldn't say anything, honey," Clio sneered "Oh, and keep your panties dry this time, I don't wanna kill your new best friend covered in piss."
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