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"No...It's all right Ridley. You needed to keep calm." Raine closed her eyes, letting his hand drift through her hair. Only then did she look up at him again. "This is a thank you, for everything." Raine stood up on her heels to softly press her lips to his. It was something that deep down subconciously she wanted to do.

But then there was that scream.

Raine turned and looked in the direction of the scream. "Someone's in trouble..." Raine shook a little, her feet teetering from staying and sprinting. Licking her lips, Raine remembered her words from before. "Eva. Ridley, we can do this right? We can help someone!" She turned to face him. "Let's go! It might be Rena for all we know!"

Pivoting on her feet, Raine launched into a sprint toward the scene of the scream.

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