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As soon as the gun had smacked into his skull, Raidon had been struggling to his feet, ready to fight back against the intruder. As soon as he lifted himself into the air, however, pain hammered deep into his skull and a wave of nausea sent him pitching to the ground again.

Wow, that is a lot of pain.

He heard a distant sound--a stifled giggle. Through his fog of pain and confusion, Raidon groaned--his erstwhile assailant was laughing at him? Of course, Raidon supposed he must cut a fairly ridiculous figure, sprawled naked on the tile...

The person, whoever they were, stopped down. The dry click of metal against tile alerted Raidon that they had picked up the gun upon the ground, and Raidon tensed. His only chance was to rise and strike suddenly, to try and overwhelm his opponent before they took aim, but he wasn't sure he could--his vision was too hazy, and his head in too much pain.

Besides, perhaps he should be shot. Simon was dead, after all; there was no one left to stop Raidon, no judgment. The good were dying just the same as the evil, maybe Raidon should just...

With an equally dry click, the gun was set back in front of him. "Raidon," called a soft voice, infinitely, intimately familiar to him. "Raidon."

His head still felt too painful to lift, but that voice demanded nothing less than his best, and he forced himself to look up. "The offer of shooting me still stands," said Mizore Soryu, intense, lively, and lovely as ever. "If you don't want to do that, we should get you an ice pack."

His thoughts were vague, distorted. For more than twenty seconds, he could only gape in astonishment at her.

"Soryu," he said in disbelief. "I...Soryu?" The oceanic pulses of pain washing over him became too much for him to bear, and he sank his forehead back to the ground. "Christ," he whispered. "I didn't even hope to see..."

There were tears pooling in the corners of his eyes again. He was glad she couldn't see.
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