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Staffan barely had time to brace himself when the blur hit him square in the chest and wrapped it's arms around him. Staffan pushed the girl slightly away from himself so he could make an identification.


It was Nik's girlfriend. It was like some kind of on-going test of morality or something. Staffan was out to prove to everyone that he could be superior to his brother, but something in him was stopping him from just throwing the girl to the ground and ending her life on the spot. She was just a scared innocent girl. She wasn't out to provoke him or anything. She needed him. She was different from the rest of bastards in their class. Staffan took solace in the fact that Evelyn having dated Nik would know understand Staffan's point of view on his victims.

Staffan snapped out of his head in time to catch Evelyn raving about a kid getting arm lopped off. She pressed herself into his chest once again. Staffan akwardly put his arm around her. Something told him it was the right thing to do. Evelyn continued to speak softly,

“I was so afraid until I saw you. But it’s all going to be okay now, right? You and I will find Nik and he’ll know exactly what to do.”

"What..." Staffan said looking down at the girl in his arms.

“Nik will have a plan to save us. I just know it.”

Staffan pushed the smiling girl off of him.

"Nik will have a plan? NIK?!? You don't think I can get people out of here? You don't think I'm capable? Look at what I just did to Darren!" Staffan roared as he grabbed Evelyn and turned her to where Darren Locke's corpse laid.

He couldn't believe it. He just couldn't. Maybe it was five days in the heat starting to get to him, but Staffan stood baffled by the girl in front of him. The smallest inkling of hope inside him. Hope that one damn person on the island would have faith in him. Hope that one single person could look at Staffan without thinking about Nik.

"You're worthless." Staffan growled as he threw the girl to the ground.

If she didn't want to believe in him, she was just like the others. Staffan would make an example of her. Nik wasn't here to save her. He would be devastated by her death and come looking for Staffan, that much was true. But Staffan would be ready. If it took Staffan beating Nik into the ground they stood on, he would do it.

"Just like the rest of them." Staffan said as he directed a kick at the girl on the ground.
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