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Did Liz know who that was on the floor? Impossible to say. Really, Kimberly didn't much give a damn, anyways. Either she got a reveal, or she got to twist the knife. Win win. And Liz, Liz wanted to know what she was supposed to learn from it. Learn? Yeah, okay, there was a lesson here. Kimberly was trying to teach her something, that was for sure. But... to just say it would be inelegant.

"That's Daisuke, Liz," Kimberly said, instead. "He's dead because you fucked up your collar."

For just a moment she was tempted to go on, to launch into a speech or something. Say how Daisuke almost certainly had friends, family, maybe a girlfriend or a little sister or something. Thing was, she didn't really know or care if that was true. More than that, an obvious guilt trip probably wouldn't work on Liz. She was a rebel. Kimberly knew the sort. Fuck, Kimberly was the sort herself. Lay a heavy load of guilt on her, sure she'd feel it, but she'd also be pissed, resistant, less receptive. That wasn't what needed to happen here.

No, this was one to play nice and slow, nice and easy.

"This was his gun, you know."

Never mind that she hadn't answered Liz's question yet.
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