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((Garry Villette continued from Selfish))

"...proving that even a loser can turn things around, Jimmy Brennan killed Phillip Ward with a little moxie and a big stick. Jake Crimson painted the ground after taking a hit from Garry Villette. Took a while too. Is it mercy to let nature-"

"Oh for fuck's sake!"

Garry didn't know how to feel anymore. After staying up the whole night, he was ready to collapse, exhaustion eating away at his body and mind. But the recent announcement had both caused his heart to sink, and his blood to boil. He'd learnt that yet another one of the Huskies had fallen victim to the game, and now he himself had been portrayed as a cold-blooded killer. There was no mention of Jake having attacked first, no mention of Garry fighting back in self-defense. "Damn you, Danya," he whispered.

He turned back to face Sunil and Rena, feeling glad that both of them had decided to join him in the end. "Sorry... you guys okay?" he asked, gently massaging the itchy blood-stained bandage on his head that was masking the gash Jake had inflicted on him. He hissed and shut his eyes as a shooting pain spread from his temple. Trying to eradicate the itch had been a bit of a mistake, it seemed. "It's okay, ssss... ow, don't worry, it's okay-"

And then something bounced out of, well, nowhere and hit Garry right in the face, cutting him off mid-speech. Garry cried out in surprise as the object - obviously a very light object or it would have taken his head out - rebounded off his cheek and fell to the ground. Gently rubbing the area on his face where it struck, Garry looked down and saw a pine cone slowly rocking back and forth as it came to a rest at his feet. 'What the hell? Do pine cones have some sort of vendetta against me now as well?'

He looked up the steep slope to see where the cone had originated from, and saw a very familiar face standing just outside the entrance to some cave with a girl he didn't know all that well. 'Is that...? Holy shit, it's Dustin!' He couldn't believe it, he'd finally found someone from the team, someone who wasn't a killer according to those announcements. Surely that meant he could trust Dustin, right? Okay, he may have been a massive womaniser in school, but he wasn't a killer, and that was more important right about now.

"Hey! Dustin!" Garry called out, waving his arm to try and grab his attention, and then looked towards his travelling companions. "Don't worry, I know this guy, he's alright," he said to them.
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