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"So, John... any last words?"

John didn't hear the first request. Whether it was the fear, pain, exhaustion or inner turmoil nobody would ever know. He knew this was it. Someone holding a gun at him with his only escape being to dive off of a cliff-of-certain-doom.

"Any last words, John?"

"I don't wanna die..." he managed to say, tears mixing with the blood in his eyes. "C-Celeste... I didn't... I didn't get to... To see her..."

He couldn't put together a straight thought, let alone give his last words any meaningful impact. He wanted to make her sad or guilty that she was doing this, even if she was past the point of no-return and would go on to remorselessly kill another fifty people. Wasn't he her first kill? He hadn't noticed her name in any of the announcements...

"I'm sorry, John... I'm so sorry. Goodbye."

"Please..." he whispered just as the shotgun fired.

The explosion from the shell igniting was matched by the noise in his ears as the ammunition hit him square in the chest. He staggered back, his feet automatically trying to find purchase even as his body was pushed backwards by the metal entering his body and bone. He didn't feel the pain in his arm anymore, white hot burning emanating from his chest as his feet left solid ground and he began to fall off of the cliff.

He didn't deserve this, did he? To die so mercilessly at the hands of someone he had barely spoken to over the past years? His vision started to go dark and his extremities grew colder as he made a gradual cartwheel towards the water. His legs and arms flailed unbidden, trying to find something to grab despite his mind's unwillingness to think. A cold, bloody death on an island miles from nowhere at the hands of his classmate, having not even seen his baby sister. She'd probably never even know he existed - his parents keeping this a secret to save her and themselves the pain.

Hitting the water brought him back slightly, but only so he could gasp in a lungful of sea water. He tried to cough it out but the blood and water clogging his chest didn't wish to allow him such luxury. He couldn't breathe, heat and cold combated to take over his body and the world was growing dark again. Darkness only forced its way further onto him as the water swelled and slammed him into the cliff.

His broken arm twisted, fracturing more as it unwittingly went between his body and the rock, blood turning the water dark red in the early daylight. The wave took him away still beneath the surface before suddenly ramming him into the jagged layered cliff face. Lack of oxygen, bloodloss and internal injuries forced him into deaths embrace even though the wash kept trying to deal his body pain, forcing his body against the rocky wall and in to any small space it could find.

His final thoughts wondered how his sister would turn out...

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