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((Marion Summers continued from Empire Ants))

Marion finished jotting down the announcement and tucked her pad back into the pocket of her jeans. She had a sheet of paper left. It was weird that she was almost comforted by the announcements; she knew it but couldn’t help the feeling. At the very least it told her what day it was. Writing down the names had become a routine, something to latch on to. Not to look forward too, but at least something to give her time here purpose.

She was pretty sure there was another pad somewhere in the bottom of her duffle bag, but she couldn’t be bothered to dig it out at the moment. Instead she amused herself with kicking rocks down the side of the mountain. She wasn’t sure where Frankie and the rest of them had gotten to, and to be honest she didn’t really care. Marion had thought traveling in a group would be better, but all it seemed to do was earn her death glares and eye rolls. It wasn’t her fault she kept pointing out what the others seemed determined to overlook.

She yawned as she bent to pick up a pine cone, sometime soon she should probably stop and take a nap. In fact, she could probably climb a tree and give herself some safety. Safer at least then lying down in the middle of a path. She tossed the pine cone absently and watched it land and then tumble down the mountain in front of her.

"Fucking...tunnels! Augh..." came a voice from further down the mountain.

Marion looked around to find Dustin come up the path towards her. Great another person to totally ignore me, she thought. Dustin had ignored her in school, and honestly she could blame him. He was in a totally different league than her. He was on the hockey team and could pretty much have his pick of any girl on campus. And if rumors were true often did. She tugged the hem of her shirt self-consciously wishing she had time to add some eye shadow. She caught herself, realizing what she was doing and shook her head. Really, Marion, here in the middle of the woods, you’re worried about what you look like?

“Hey Dustin, what’s wrong,” she asked her voice coming out much more cheerful then she expected.
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