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In some cultures, what I do is considered normal.
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Annaliese frowned as again Sarah and the French girl did their weird almost handholding, not quite restraining grasps. Something about this was totally pinging on her weird shit-o-meter. She half expected Robby the Robot to hop out, arms a’ flailing in time with his alarmed cries of “Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!”

She pulled back closer to the window, her easiest means of escape. “Ummm, hey. Is, like, everything cool?” she hesitantly asked. She nervously rubbed the palms of her hands on her pants. Things had seemed okay when she first saw this group but now there was a definite off-kilter vibe in the room.

Maybe it’s me. I didn’t think Sarah was a lesbian, but maybe it’s something she’s only figured out now that we’re in this ‘face your own mortality’ situation. Maybe she and the French girl aren’t totally out of the closet yet but they can’t help but keep touching each other. Guys are oblivious to that kind of stuff, so maybe it’s having me around that causing the wiggins.

“Because, um, really, if it’s not cool, I can keep going,” Annaliese lamely offered, half-heartedly gesturing to the window. “If you two want to be alone to do your thing, I totally get it. Seize the day and all.”
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