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Suddenly everything seemed to happen at once. She had been reading, the silence and general scent of productivity in the air had led her to storm through her book and she was more than two thirds of the way through. She had written more quotes that she thought were pertinent on the wall, just underneath the first.

"The silence driven away by the stamping of our feet flowed back again from the recesses"

"We penetrated deeper and deeper into the heart of darkness. It was very quiet there"

When Roland and Kitty walked in, her heart had begun to thud, and she feared that the game might be up. Their collars would explode and they would be in the same state as poor Ethan propped against the outer wall. But they appeared smart, and they said nothing, and Kitty held up a notice to them suggesting that they talk with paper. Helen was slightly affronted as she'd being doing that anyway and wanted credit for her own idea. But she knew that she wanted friends rather than enemies and hid the transient thought from her face, instead writing something in her own notebook.

Great minds think alike!

Just then there was a flurry around the computer, as it appeared that there was success. Their afternoon's work had accounted for something. Helen's eyes widened, and she focussed on staying calm. It would be no good now if everything were to go up in smoke because the pulses of a bunch of teenagers in a camera free hut all suddenly rose for no reason. Their discovery would die along with them. Helen watched Feo write some stuff down, presumably the stuff of their dreams. The information that would lead to their rescue and the end of the whole program. The saving of future generation. And she had been a part of it. Helen felt pride bubble in her throat. It was now even more important than ever that she didn't die. She needed to stay alive until rescue came. How she was going to do that without appearing cowardly, after all Ethan had already given his life for their cause, she didn't immediately know.

Helen turned a page in her notebook, and walked up to Feo. She scribbled two words in large letters and pointed them in her direction.

Now what?
the world is on my side
i have no reason to run

v4 nostalgia

shiny shiny V5 concepts (now with clickies)
Phoebe Cho - I shall be playing Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto in E minor. Wizard!
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