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((If anyone remembers the original post order, could they please post it, I'm so confused...))

Alan had dropped himself right in it, and what was worse was that he had dropped Jimmy right into it too. There they stood, transfixed on the spot, glared at from a short distance by a madwomen and her gun. Thought raced through Alan's mind, he clutched the photo of him and Zoey, taking it out of his pocket for comfort. He had no idea what to do; it was as if his brain had mutated into a tossed salad, incapable of running. "Jimmy... Why aren't we running?" Alan whispered to his partner, but before he could answer, a horrible cracking noise tore the air apart. In panic, Alan dived head first into the sand, plunging his face into the gritty world underneath him.

After a few seconds, Alan turned his head upwards. "Jimmy?" Alan whispered, but with no answer. "Jimmy!?" Alan said, louder this time, still no answer. Alan sat up to see the horrible sight of his best friend bleeding in the sand. Alan was unfamiliar with such a horrific sight, he didn't know what to do. He crawled over and looked over his friend. "Jimmy, please. Why is this happening? Why won't you answer me?"

"Alan ..." A wisp of a voice answered. Alan gasped gently, "I don't think I've got ..." The crippled figure on the ground let out let out a cough the even seemed to strangle Alan's throat. "Aagh. Just keep fighting ... but remember ..." Jimmy could hardly speak.

"You've done more for me in a few days then anyone has done for me in years." Alan didn't know what to say, but he didn't want Jimmy to die. He couldn't let his best friend die at the hands of Danya.

"Forget what I just said. Tell Reiko, that ... that I don't blame her. I mean, we're all just victims here. The only one who's really to blame is Danya." Alan couldn't help but feel his own tears starting to flow from his eyes onto Jimmy's bloodstained shirt. He was right, Mr. Danya was the one responsible for Jimmy's pain. "Just keep fighting these guys, and ..." It was getting harder and harder for Jimmy to speak. "... stay strong. Don't turn into one of them. It's what he wants." Alan nodded in agreement through floods of thin, silent tears. "You're a good guy, so long as you don't turn. Just ... just keep the others from following that path."

"Jimmy, I promise, I won't rest..." Alan choked slightly on his tears. "I will not rest until the movement has toppled the one who did this to you." Alan unzipped his favourite cotton jacket and laid it over Jimmy's body like a blanket.

"Stay strong, Alan, and ..." Alan watched in disbelief as Jimmy smiled weakly at Alan as eye began to draw shut. "Jimmy? And what? Jimmy no, please don't go yet, I can't survive without you, please. Wake up, please... You must wake up... Why won't you wake..." At that point Alan erupted into tears, throwing his arms around his dead friend.

"No, no, no, no, Jimmy please, no! I don't wanna be left alone on this island. Please Zoey, please just take me away from this place, I don't wanna die... I... Don't... Wan... Na... Die..." Alan cried like a baby while clutching his dead friend like a life preserver. "I love you Jimmy." he whispered into his deceased chest.

Alan wasn't exactly sure why he had said those last words. Being heterosexual and dedicating all his love hopelessly to a girl who didn't feel the same way it would seem strange to say those particular words. The most obvious reason would be that in his confused state of mourning Alan didn't have a clue as to what words exactly were coming out of his mouth. But the real reason was that after being dropped in a world where everyone was against him, Jimmy was the only person he could trust, with each group that Alan had to face, Jimmy was there to protect Alan from the dangers the group may contain; although for the most part no danger existed.

Jimmy was the only thing that was normal to Alan in a world that to him, could not be an island on Earth, as his photo of himself and Zoey was a reminder that there was hope of surviving, Jimmy was the only thing that really reminded him that sanity could actually exist on SOTF. And in all honesty, how else would you feel about a person like that?
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