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"Felicia? No..." Temptation to make snarky comment about Felatia, queen of sluts, rising... "No, no I haven't."

Mia slowly snatched up and replaced her bags across her shoulder again, before taking another step back.

And another.

"Friends of yours?"

And tree stump.

"What?" She glanced quickly in the direction of whatever the boy was looking at. Which seemed to be very... nothing. Just a rustle in the bushes. Just a distraction.

She lifted the gun's stock ever so slightly as she felt for the top of the stump behind her with her left foot. If he was trying to distract her, trying to get the upper hand, it was time she reminded him who was in charge here.

Or just abscond. Her chest was feeling tighter as each second passed. Noises in the bushes, the way this guy was still... there. Something felt wrong here, and it was giving her the creeps. Although, if she had to make a mad dash between the tree stumps in her long, pleated skirt... It wouldn't be marked as the epitome of dignified retreat. Also, she'd be trying to outrun someone fitter, stronger, better equipped for pursuit and probably a lot faster than herself...

That really wasn't going to work.

First step of plan Alpha was getting up onto this tree stump. A quick movement, a careful assessment of her balance, and she was standing atop the tree's carcass. She felt a lot better with a few inches of higher ground, a little more separation between her and him and... who the fuck was that. Klaxons screamed in her mind as she noticed some young lady creeping around her flank. She snapped the rifle's snout to point at her, thought better of it, and swung it back in the general direction of the boy's head.

"HEY, HARLOT!" She shouted at the interloper. Her voice expressing something between apprehension and the confidence that came with suddenly understanding an entire situation and knowing you were more or less in control of its outcome.

She willed her trigger hand to relax, with her body as tensed to flee as it was at that moment she thought it lucky she remembered accidentally pulling the trigger was a real potentiality. She really didn't want to shoot anybody unless it was necessary... or she had a sudden change of heart. Just shooting them and being rid of a couple of annoyances cum potential nighttime-cutthroats had a certain appeal.

Then again, what if she missed?

Well, then she had another 18 shots.

She liked those odds.

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