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How cute.
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[Skipped with permission from Slamexo to make the rest of the scene flow a bit better.]

"So, John... any last words?"

Sofia mused idly, barely above a whisper, not really sure if she wanted an actual answer or not. She could have repeated the question or said it louder to begin with, but staring at John now, lining up the sights of the shotgun square with his chest, she began to doubt her conviction in this act. This was her road and this was what she needed to do to break down obstacles, but was this really the only choice? Was this really the only means by which she could survive? Was this the only way she could find Colin and make him pay? Even if people were nothing but obstacles in her path now, did she really need to resort to killing to survive?


It was too late to go back now and too late to forget the conviction she once held for this. With an adjustment of the shotgun, Sofia stared back down the sights, steadying her aim. This is what she had to do to survive and she would do it, she wouldn't falter anymore. They all had to pay. It was their fault that Tony was dead, that she never got the chance to tell him...

It was their fault. All of them.

She spoke louder this time.

"Any last words, John?"

She listened and waited, giving him time to speak up and say his piece before his death. He was going to die but everyone deserved to say goodbye, no matter who it was. Would she be able to give Colin this courtesy? Did he give the same to Tony? She didn't know, couldn't know, but she didn't care. This is what she would do. If she had to kill someone, she would listen to their last words and stay until they passed. That was the least she could do for them. She couldn't give them a proper burial but at least... at least she could let them say goodbye to the ones they cared about. At least she could let them have the closure that she couldn't get.

"I'm sorry, John..."

She didn't know why she said that... but she did.

"I'm so sorry."

She breathed deep and steadied her aim.


She squeezed the trigger.

As long as I am able, I'll keep fighting. For myself. For Tony. As long as I am able.
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