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Just like before this whole fiasco, they were alone again. Alan and Jimmy had walked off just like the rest of the small crowd they'd just drawn, leaving nothing but Violet's words hanging in the air.

"Me and you are gonna find that girl."

Mike knew full well that doing so was going to get him killed. But then again, what wasn't going to get him killed here? It was just like he'd said before. Nothing to lose. Everything to gain, especially if it meant a chance to go home without submitting to the foul game.

Of course, that didn't mean the plan was completely without flaws, at least at this point. As far as Mike could tell, neither he nor Violet knew where to find this Liz Polanski. And even if they did, how were they going to get there without getting blown up like Nagazawa? All kinds of plots and solutions filled his head, but none seemed successful or even possible. In the announcement, Danya had made things sound as airtight as possible... well, as airtight as a security breach could get. Mike's head began to hurt, partially due to fatigue and partially due to stress. It was definitely time to leave.

"Alright, Vi. Let's get the hell out of here."

They quietly packed their things, still not completely aware of what came next for them. All they knew for sure was that they were looking for someone and that what they were looking for wasn't here. It was still something though, and knowing that was to be their one comfort as they set out for whatever the rest of the game would bring.

[[Michael Moretti and Violet Druce, continued elsewhere. Thread concluded.]]
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