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Oh man, what a clusterfuck. All you had to do was be near Reiko Ishida to get a gun in your face, it seemed. But then again, Jackie was one to talk.

It was kind of funny, actually. The girls finally seemed to be getting along, then the boys showed up and the girls got pissed off at them just for being there. It was like in elementary school or something. To be totally honest, Jackie should probably have been more alarmed... but she knew she was safe as long as Reiko was distracted. If those guys wanted to get their heads shot off by one of the most dangerous people around, that was their prerogative.

Actually, come to think of it, those guys were the perfect opportunity. If Jackie left now, Reiko probably wouldn't see her and she could continue her search in peace (well, as peaceful as possible for planning violence). She quietly packed up her makeshift bed and got ready to leave, keeping her knife at the ready as s-


Jackie felt something like a sudden gust of wind against the back of her head as a bullet barely passed her in the air. Oh, HELL no. Shit just got personal.

She stood and turned as quickly as possible.

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