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They see me walking, they hating
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They were fucking idiots. They had to be. Why else did they decide, no, insist on staying there, trying to talk. Talking got you nowhere. If talking could do anything in this situation, then they would all be a lot happier, instead of dead or dying. But no. They wanted to talk, to try and act like some diplomat or something trying to talk down a crazed gunman. Then again, maybe that's what she was. The boys would advance slowly, hands up in a non-threatening manner, until they were close enough to subdue her. Or kill her. Something.

Reiko's aim moved from one boy to the next as they took turns talking or moving or generally just doing things that was counterproductive to survival. The girl felt like she was going to lose her temper again with these two. What did she have to do, shoot them?


That was exactly what she needed to do. Well, not shoot them per say. Just shoot at them. Close enough for them to know she means business, but not hit them. Maybe if they could see she was actually a threat then they would get the hell out of there. It was perfect. Sure, she would lose a bullet in the process, but she didn't really plan on using it anyway.

Reiko's aim shifted again, so that the barrel was pointed slightly to the side of the talkative one. Somewhere in her mind a name popped up. Jonny or something like that. Whatever, it didn't matter. She didn't say a word as she put her plan into motion.

Reiko began to pull the trigger...

...and just as she finished, the world upended itself from underneath her feet.
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