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((Sorry to skip post order here guys, but I've got to get this all straightened out.)

Josée watched as the boy gave off his message to the world. It seemed logical that boats would be on some sort of registry, it also seemed more then logical that the boat would have an owner, and it certainly seemed logical that all the brain-power of the government could find... Well, Josée didn't exactly hold her breath on that particular bit, but for the most part, she thought the plan was quite magnificent. After the boy had finished, Josée spoke.

"You know... That's actually brilliant, I actually think that could work, what do you think Cis-" Josée had turned to ask Cisco to give his compliments, but she hadn't turned to Cisco, and the person who she saw standing right behind her; who because of her fascination had completely gone unnoticed until now. Josée was truely speechless. "Orpheus? OC? Is that... I don't believe it... I didn't think that I'd ever actually see you again." Josée wasn't really the type of person who gave out hugs to people; but for this event, she made a brief exception and wrapped her arms around him for a moment, before remembering that Cisco and everyone else around her would probably be watching.

By now Josée was lost for words, Cisco watched the scene from next to Josée, not quite knowing what to say, holding his precious record to his chest.
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