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John feels fresh pain as Janet gets off of him, numbing him to the fact that he's being issued orders. Until he's kicked violently.

He called out in pain before struggling to get up with one working arm. He shivered in a mixture of shock and pain as he stood. His vision blurred as blood streaked into his eyes thanks to the cuts Janet dealt his forehead, even as her blows to his face made his eye swell. His breathing was laboured and he was panting.

Maybe this is what he deserved? He shot that guy - probably killed him. It was only right he got beaten to death...

"Get over there."

John blinked through the blood, his working arm holding on to his broken one. His dirty jersey was covered in blood - the broken arm was seeping blood right along the sleeve now. He staggered to the cliff edge where he wavered on his feet as he faced Sofia. If she didn't shoot him, he was going to fall. Either over the cliff or to the ground, he didn't know if he even cared anymore. He shot someone, had his arm broken, probably lost his girlfriend to some psycho who might even have raped her to death... He should have been looking for Celeste. Not going around, hiding in sawmills and shooting innocent people! This fucked up situation was even more fucked up than it had to be!

He chanced moving his arm so he could wipe his eyes and see Sofia. She tossed something on the ground, but everything was too fuzzy for him to tell what it was. He could tell where the shotgun was aimed though...
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