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((Jessica’s movements approved by Ciel. Time jumping to better facilitate deadlines.))

Alex studied her brother as he brushed hair behind her ear and then touched her face. She gave him a puzzled expression and then realized that he was really cold. Before she could demand an answer she suddenly had an armful of crying Roman. Alex’s eyes widened and she stiffened at the unexpected emotional display from her normally reserved brother. The moment passed and she wrapped her arms around him again, rubbing circles into his back and whispering nonsense comfort words, like Mom had for her.

She glared at Acacia and Jojo, they hadn’t kept him safe. He’d been gone for four days and just look at the state he was in. And he has the nerve to criticize my choice in friends. Alex mused. She wasn’t sure how long they’d stay that way, and she didn’t care, knowing that her brother was here with her made everything okay. For a long while it was just her and her twin and nothing else mattered.

Sometime later she looked up to see that Jessica had joined the group and she flashed her friend a wide “I found him” smile. Then she heard Acacia mention something about making camp and she nodded her approval hoping the others would start without her.

Gently, she pried Roman from her shoulder. She waited until his eyes were focused on hers. “It’s okay, we’re together now,” she said seriously. “What did you manage to do to yourself? I mean you were without me for three days and just look at the state you're in. I can just hear Mom now. ‘You know it’s your job to watch out for your brother, he’s not as tough as us Jackson women.’ I mean what were you thinking wandering into danger?” It was said mostly to see if she could get him to smile. Alex, like one of her favorite TV characters, wasn’t a big fan of chick flick moments.

She turned serious again. “You going to be okay if I go help the others, or do you want me to stay here,” she asked searching his face.

By the time she'd gotten an answer Jojo, Acacia, and Jessica had managed to set up a fairly nice camp.
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