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"I don't see why not... I'll lead, you follow as far back as you like... I think I can handle this..." Alan nervously volunteered to approach the group this time, taking a few steps forward before calling out to the pair, with Jimmy right behind Alan, holding his sword by his side.

"Excuse me folks, I don't suppose you know whereabouts I can..." It was then that he stopped walking and speaking, mid-sentence. Jimmy peered at Alan's face, and then at the pair that he had been speaking to. His face had that clear "oh, crap" expression, and the exclamation made by one of them confirmed it.

"What the fuck do you want?" One of them had a gun, and was now pointing it directly at Alan. That fact was bad enough. What made it worse was person holding the gun. Reiko Ishida. A local figure skating champion, pretty well known around school, and now, if Jimmy remembered correctly, one of the top killers on the island. Then the other one spoke up and stepped away from Reiko, and as Jimmy looked over, he recognized her from back in the woods when Danya had mentioned Liz Polanski.

"Have you two been following me or something?" Jimmy took a deep breath and stepped in front of Alan, choosing his words carefully.

"Whoa. Don't worry about us. We're not going to hurt you," Jimmy threw his sword to his side and lifted his hands, speaking to Reiko. "We've simply been going it alone since the start, and we're just a little afraid of being alone." Jimmy then turned his attention to Courtney. "And to answer your question, no, we did not follow you here deliberately, we just happened to arrive here at the same time." Jimmy took a step forward. "Please, we aren't looking for a fight."
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