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((Evelyn Reed continued from Revenge Is Best Served Cold))

Evelyn staggered towards the Hall of Mirrors. She had spend the night alone and terrified, wandering the island. She had gotten completely turned around in the dark, walking farther from the safety of her group. Over the course of the intervening hours, she had only managed to snatch small, fitful catnaps, every little sound or snap of a twig causing her eyes to fly open and her heart to race.

Her terror slackened slightly with the rising of the sun. At least now she could see where she was going. Not that that helped the growling of her stomach. She was as short on calories as she was on sleep. But catching up on food and water was about as likely as getting a full eight hours of rest since her bag with her water and carb rations in it was back with Thea.

Oooh, Thea. Please know that I totally didn’t mean to abandon you to the Geek Squad. I’m so sorry.

Evelyn ground her fists into her eyes to keep from crying. She was sure that she didn’t have any moisture to waste. Her lips felt uncomfortably dry, like they were about to pull and crack.

“Maybe…maybe someone forgot their supplies in the Hall of Mirrors”, she mused out loud to bolster her spirits. “Maybe I’ll get lucky and find a whole case of it. Or maybe I can convince someone else that they’ll get lucky if they share some with me.”

Running her hands down her formerly clean shirt, she grimaced at the accumulated filth. With a martyred sigh, she tried to brush as much of the dirt off in an effort to make herself presentable. Evelyn ran her fingers through her hair to get out any foreign objects and comb it a bit before putting it up in a messy bun.

“Oh-kay, Reed,” she coached herself. “Try to be open, try to be just the right amount of friendly: slightly needy and harmless but not desperate. If we find a guy, we should be just fine.” Stiffening her spine, she started up to the entrance to the Hall of Mirrors as the building was rocked by an explosion.

Falling back with a startled cry, she landed hard on her ass. Instinctively, she threw her arms up to shield her head and her face. When she lowered her arms, she was greeted with one of the most wonderful sights.

It was Staffan! Staffan would help her!

Scrambling to her feet, she let out a squeal of glee before launching herself at him. “Staffan! Ohmygod, I’m *so* glad to see you!” Tightly wrapping her arms around him, she pressed herself against him as she embraced him. She knew that Staffan would protect her until she could find Nik.

In her relief, she allowed her thoughts to become stream of conscious as she continuously chattered at him. “You would not *believe* the last day I’ve had. I was attacked by Meredith Hemmings. Do you know her? She’s the weird Goth girl who looks like one of those tragic velvet sad clown paintings. Anyway, she was in the river, butt naked, doing God knows what. So all of a sudden, while I’m trying to talk to Thea…you remember my friend Thea, the cheerleader? Anyway, then Meredith came out of the river, all pale and drippy and hit me! Thankfully, Thea was there and dealt with her. Then… then, okay, get this, okay? Then this Alex kid shows up with Charlene Norris, only his arm is like, disgustingly rotting off his body. And he wants us to cut it off.”

Evelyn shivered and pressed her cheek against Staffan’s chest. He was so warm and wonderfully solid. Not as solid as Nik, but she’d take him as a substitute until they found his brother.

She continued with her narrative. “Then out of the blue, Jason Clarke the In Crowd wannabe shows up and he does it! He just lops Alex’s arm off! It was terrible. Then we found out that Thea’s boyfriend James got killed and then I kinda got lost,” she sheepishly trailed off.

Glancing up at him through her lashes, she softly added. “I was so afraid until I saw you. But it’s all going to be okay now, right? You and I will find Nik and he’ll know exactly what to do.”

Sighing, she allowed a small smile to slip onto her face. “Nik will have a plan to save us. I just know it.”
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