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Nothing is worse than when someone isn't listening. Had Jason known what was going through Evie's head, he would have probably asked if she was okay, and how he could help. Unfortunately, he didn't know that Evie was feeling claustrophobic, so Jason didn't realize that he should have just backed off rather than risking digging the hole further. As such, when Evie walked away, Jason just squinted and pinched the bridge of his nose in irritation with his left hand as he tried to follow her.

"Come on, Evie! I'm sorry!" He would have followed her further than forty feet, except that he tripped on a tree root somewhere, and he let go of his sword to avoid a face plant. He looked around, unable to see Evie anywhere. Fantastic. All he could do was walk back and rub his head cursing himself for screwing that one up.

"... fight with a lawnmower. Think it won, but I retained the moral high ground. Where've you been?" Alex was speaking to a newcomer. A very tall newcomer. He didn't seem all that intimidating. In fact, if not for the fact that said newcomer was speaking to Alex exclusively, Jason might have made a witty remark. Two things worked against that, though: first, the aforementioned fact that the new guy was speaking to Alex, and second, he had just screwed up saying something again. It was becoming increasingly unwise for him to talk, so instead, he just sat down by a tree and tried to gather himself.

Alex was about to say something when someone else's voice came through. Charlene looked at the new guy and ... whoa. He was tall. Like, basketball-player tall. Kinda weird looking too (Of course, coming from Charlie, with her humongous breasts and mismatched eyes, this was slightly hypocritical). It wasn't her that Tall Boy had noticed - it was Alex.

"Alexander ...? Is that ... really you?" Then he paused, noting Alex's lack of an arm. "What happened to you ...?"

"Jasper ... Later." Alex dismissed Thea, smiling a weird grin to Jasper. "I had a fight with a lawnmower. Think it won, but I retained the moral high ground. Where've you been?" Charlene looked at the sight, and then took her opportunity and crawled over to Thea, speaking low enough so that only Thea could make it out.

"Thea ... I'm so sorry about James. I ..." she peered at Alex and Jasper, making sure that they weren't paying attention. "I was with Hayley at first. When she killed that first guy, Steve. I don't trust that girl any more than I can throw her. I owe Alex one, so for him I may not shoot her myself, but if she comes along, I may just ... 'space out' if you try to get her."
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