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OOC: This is just before the two notice the struggle)

(Raine continued from It knows nothing of Whim)

Raine couldn't count the minutes that passed with Ridley and her running in the tunnels. Each one of them had possibly made a wrong guess at a turn in their attempt to catch up to Rena. Deep down inside, Raine knew that they wouldn't find her. It was because Rena didn't want to be found. Rena had made it clear that she believed Ridley was inhuman and that Raine herself was crazy. Was she crazy though? Was she crazy to stay with Ridley for so long?

The rays of the sun dipping down into the horizon appeared in the corner of Raine's eye. Squeezing Ridley's hand, she led him toward the light and they both stepped out into a wooded area. The breeze felt cool on Raine's skin but it was a warm cool rather than the cold damp feeling she had back in the caves.

"We're finally out, Ridley..." Raine in a sudden excited fit, wrapped her arms around Ridley and hugged him tightly. Her face pressed to his chest, Raine closed her eyes. "No more naps in the tunnels, no more feelings of being lost..."

She then looked up to him and felt her face blush red. In the rays of the dying sun, Ridley looked a little like the heroes in the comics he had lent her. "I'm glad I'm still with you."
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