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Reiko slowly lowered the gun. Courtney took a deep breath. Alright. Playing it Bogart. She could get through this. She was fine. Courtney was about to open her mouth, to say the definitive thing she had thought of that'd diffuse the situation. Then someone walked up, casual as all hell, asking for directions to somewhere.

Courtney was torn between bursting into laughter and just outright screaming, but she decided against both. Neither would get her anywhere, really. She just had to figure something out. Courtney snuck a glance at the guy, only to find that, unfortunately, there were two of them. Courtney wasn't much of a fan of swearing really, but given the current situation, one word came to mind: Fuck.

No, seriously. Fuck.

Courtney stole another glance, and quickly managed to identify the two who'd just burst in. Oh crap. Courtney recognised these two. Not that she could remember names (although if she put in an effort she might have) right now, but the faces were certainly familiar. She'd seen them earlier. Back in the forest, with Mike and Violet. Had they been following her the whole way? If they had, that would be a problem. A big problem. Especially if they had brought help with them to come and "save" her from Reiko. Like she needed help. She was fine. That'd just be great, though. One clusterfuck to another, she'd have to run away again, and nobody would get anywhere. This whole day would have been a huge waste of time.

"Have you two been following me or something?"

Reiko shifted her aim to the two boys. Courtney took this opportunity to take a couple of steps to the side. Reiko, sweetheart, no offense, but she didn't exactly trust you not to accidentally shoot her in the gut while you're off pointing it at those two guys. Nothing personal, really.

Courtney stepped back, just so she was out of the line of fire. Sure, now these assholes would think that they had "saved" her, and act appropriately macho, but whatever.

What happened to them now would be their own fault.
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