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Although Bounce's attention was on the lighter and of course the can within her bag, the stream of obscenities from Alice reached her ears, vaguely. Well, okay, maybe it wasn't the best 'hello' to toss your friend onto the hard ground, but that seemed a bit much. Another thought arrived to join those that were already combining to cause Bounce's stomach to be a whirling pit of anxiety. For all that though, Bounce's head was clear. Filled with an irrational objective, perhaps, but clear.

Have the lighter. Get the gasoline, it'll be heavy. Just need to wedge the spout open so it pours constantly, set it rolling. Need to push it hard. Light the trail and-

Bounce's hand had closed over the can's handle inside of her bag when abruptly, she found her other hand empty. Alice had snatched the lighter away with a slight chastisement, which didn't serve to make Bounce's mood a whole lot calmer. This group was bad news, she could just feel it. And even if they weren't specifically hostile, the more people were about, the more noise that would be made and the more attention that would be attracted. Look what happened back at the house with Aaron's group. All that noise had almost led to a shoot-out. Bounce spared a brief thought for her sort-of-friend, but then snapped her mind straight back to the matter at hand.

...She hadn't been specifically planning to kill anybody, she told herself, eyes riveted to the trio that were a short distance away from the fountain. Just to spook them, and hell, there was little better way to do that than an explosion right? ...Okay no, that was bullshit, Bounce had panicked. Now that she had a better look at the three guys that had appeared, they looked less than threatening. Guarded? Yes. Wary? Yes. But they hadn't charged in with guns ablazing, and there had been no mention of any groups of killers on the announcements.

But think of the window.

The window of opportunity. Ever notice how often people use the announcements as their way of determining whether or not to trust somebody? Doesn't that strike you as a little bit naive? I mean, I know it can warn you off the really bad guys, but there's an entire day between announcements. Think of how long people have to do whatever the hell they want without it getting flagged up until the next announcement. How many players got busted by the announcements just in the nick of time? How many got their opportunity because the other guy let their guard down because they hadn't heard them today...

Bounce firmly shoved that thought away. The announcement had barely happened ten minutes ago. It would have had to have been a hell of a killing spree, to take place in both such a short time and completely silently. Noise carried through these streets, Bounce would surely have heard something. That still in mind, it was a little bit surprising when one of the boys actually addressed her by name. Well, nickname, Bounce would've been surprised if even a fraction of the school remembered her real name. However, even as she was wondering exactly what to say, Alice fielded the question for her, walking far too out into the open for Bounce's comfort.

Just because they hadn't led with all guns blazing didn't mean that they wouldn't.


Paranoia's healthy when anybody really could be out to get you.

Suddenly, one of the boys - blond-headed (maybe the Jacob Colin had referred to? Did it matter?) went for his gun. Bounce didn't even wait to see what he was going to do with it, she broke cover, dashed straight after Alice into the open.

"Alice! Alice get back here right now!"

He's got a gun, he's got a gun, oh shit shit shit. This was stupid. SHIT.
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