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((Tabitha "Tabi" Gweneth continued from Keep Yourself Alive))

Tabi Gweneth had been able to keep her smile from yesterday, despite still being on an island where she was certain to die. At first it left her confused. Wasn't it stupid to be smiling right now? She had nearly died multiple times, watched Keith die right in front of her. Yet here she was, alive and smiling.

Maybe it was because of what had happened in front of Imraan. Maybe it was the aftermath. The fact that Ivan was also smiling that made her glow. The Russian had been so quiet and reserved. The two of them had spoken to one another many times, but even so, the conversations they had were often short and went nowhere. Instead, there relationship was pricipally left to only silence. A silence that often left Tabi to feel so isolated and alone.

Not that she could really blame him. What would she be like if...if she had done what Ivan did? She had shuddered at that thought.

Tabi's thoughts didn't linger on that though, Ivan was smiling and that, surprisingly enough, was all she needed to see.

Ivan drew her attention to the distance. There seemed to be a small town in the distance. It had caught her off guard. The island she thought, was actually just that; an island. She didn't expect anything so substantial, but here it was. A full town, it wasn't anything extravagant, just rather quaint.

"Woah..." she said to nobody in particular.

Tabi walked closer to the nearby buildings. They were old, but they seemed sturdy, maybe they would be a safe place to stay. It was hard to believe that there was anything worse than what they had been.

She turned back to Ivan and walked towards him again. She found herself clutching her arm again and staring at her feet for a moment before looking up to Ivan.

"So...uh...are we going to go stay here you think? Or do you just want to get out of here?"
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