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it was a graveyard smash
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Tim gave a weird look and kept looking back and forth, from the two girls at the fountain, to his two friends beside him. One of the girls had dropped down, and he honestly wasn't sure why. Were they afraid that the three boys were dangerous? Maybe they recognized Colin, and Colin's name had been broadcasted for killing Tony... Tim gave a nervous glance at Colin and shook his head. Maybe not. Maybe those girls were planning something. An attack or something? It was impossible to tell, but one thing was for sure: Those girls probably didn't want him or his friends to approach them. Something was definitely amiss.

Tim squinted his eyes. The smaller girl was reaching for something, and he took a few steps back, his eyes constantly darting back and forth. He was waiting for Colin or Jacob to offer some explanation to what was going on, some bit of help on how he should be feeling - alarmed or not. Should he be afraid? Should he walk away? Were they in any danger at all?

Jacob finally broke the silence, and Tim looked over at him, eyes wide and mouth agape. "I.. I.. I dunno?" He looked back over at the girls, in such a defensive position as if the boys were monsters or something. "I think I saw one of them reach for something though.. we might have to act fast," he whispered, trying to prepare for the very worst.

Another girl approached and headed over to the fountain where the other two girls were. Tim didn't recognize this one, but she seemed to take a similar stance to his own. She was pensive and unsure, or at least, that's what Tim thought. It was hard to tell when the three girls were a fair distance from him, and, well, he wasn't exactly a mind-reader. What in the hell was going on? His heart beat faster, his head spun in circles, but just like the three girls, he didn't act. He waited, his teeth biting firmly on his lips.

Colin took matters into his own hands and stepped forward, speaking directly to the girls. Tim wanted to grab Colin and drag him back, wanted to yell and hiss at him to stop, but he couldn't. Colin was already introducing himself, and Tim could only stand by, feeling absolutely useless. What if the girl, the one who reached for something, turned out to have a gun? She could shoot Colin, his best friend! Or they could recognize Colin's name (something he surmised a bit earlier) and grow more suspicious, but whatever happened, Tim didn't think anything good would come from this confrontation. That much was apparent when the three girls hit the deck.

There wasn't a response in kind to Colin, or at least not immediately. Tim was about to step forward and tell Colin to stay back, but one of the other girls stepped forward and spoke. Tim watched, his eyebrows raised as he listened. Wow... what an introduction. He didn't exactly expect the girls to accept them with open arms, but he did at least expect some friendly and polite responses. Nothing like.. 'leave us alone.' Really? Was Tim, Colin, and Jacob really that threatening? Or were the three girls just hiding something? Were they trying to throw them off balance so they could attack?

Tim took a few steps forward and stood beside Colin. He was shocked by the words that came out of his mouth, but he couldn't help it. He was tired and annoyed, overtly paranoid from the strange actions of these girls. His nerves were frayed and irritated. "Okay, then go your way. Leave. We were here first, so we're staying until you're gone. Got it?"

A small voice in Tim's head reminded him that the smaller girl had been here first. She was seated by the fountain when Tim and his trio arrived, but he didn't care. Who cared about logic and facts?

"Oh, I'm so ridiculous. Really? We were here first? Not likely, they'll catch me on that. Or will they? Those other two weren't here before.."

Tim wasn't sure why he did it, probably for the same reason he had mouthed off to Alice, but his hand reached back and retrieved the gun from the waistband of his jeans. He didn't aim it or anything, he just held it in his hands as if it were some kind of warning. He didn't exactly feel that the presence of these (seemingly) unarmed girls called for a gun or some form of self-defense, but he just wanted to let him know he had it. He wanted to let them know that if they tried anything funny, he had this, and he could give them hell if he wanted to.

Okay, even if he wanted to, he probably wouldn't, but damn it! He couldn't replace the gun, it was already out. And he couldn't admit that he was wrong, that they weren't here first and they should probably leave but, but..

He didn't know. He just stood there, his hand limply holding his gun, his eyes a mixture of both fear and bravado. After a few seconds of absolute and utter painful silence, Tim glanced at Colin from the corner of his eye and muttered, "Maybe we should, uh.." His voice died in his throat, for he wasn't sure what they should do. Walk away? Good god, what an interesting group of girls to run into.
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