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They see me walking, they hating
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Something inside Reiko told her that Courtney was being sincere. There were no ulterior motives behind her words. This... was not what Reiko was expecting. She had been fully expecting, maybe even anticipating nothing but hostility from anyone she met. And why shouldn't they? She didn't exactly have the greatest reputation going right now. Reiko's hands lowered a fraction, until the barrel of the gun was pointed at the girl's knees instead of her chest.

In a way, she reminded her of Carol. So friendly. So trusting. It was going to get her killed. Then again, what didn't out here? Hiding got you killed, making allies got you killed, killing got you killed. Really, they were all dead anyways. Had this been a few hours ago, Courtney probably wouldn't be standing right now.

Reiko was about to drop her weapon completely and maybe try to talk with the girl in front of her when someone else shouted out. Her hands shot up again, only this time the weapon wasn't pointed at Courtney, but at the newcomers. Courtney may be safe, but she didn't know about these two. The small girl wasn't going to be taking any chances though.

"What the fuck do you want?" Reiko yelled back at them, suddenly all tense again. It seemed like everyone in a five mile radius was attracted to her. Reiko's eyes moved, looking for potential escape routes. Her bag and shotgun lay in between the other two parties, and she wasn't leaving without them. With any luck, having a gun shoved in their face more or less would keep them away.
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