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"Hmmmmmmmmm?" Mary Ann's eyes opened for the first time in several hours. Everything seemed peaceful at the moment, at least in the current location. Stumps littered the landscape, just like where she'd first joined R.J... she yawned, trying to remember why she'd woken u- Oh, right. She would have to work on that reaction time if she wanted to keep living. How had she let her guard down like that? Mary Ann turned over to see a still open box of crackers- Crap, they're probably stale now...- and her partner doubled over in pain, not unlike she had been only hours ago. A half-smile came to her face. She'd been smiling more often over the past day, which was a good thing... well, it wasn't such a good thing to be smiling at his pain. It might not have been anyone besides R.J. waking her up, but hunger was every bit as dangerous as the other students on the island.

"Hey." She shuffled over on her knees, checking the cracker canister for bugs before offering it. "Eat something, ok? We can't be alert if we're hungry." She reached into the canister and ate one herself- "See? Still good. Probably shouldn't leave it open overnight again though."

It was small talk, mostly. She was tired, so whatever came to her mind exited through her mouth immediately. It made her feel better though. She knew he wouldn't answer, but that didn't bother her so much at the moment. She wasn't looking for an answer... just someone to listen as she talked about whatever came to mind.

But of course, now that she really felt like talking, she couldn't think of anything to say. Breakfast was still the only thing on her mind, and she felt that food wasn't the best subject at the moment. She needed something though...

"Oh!" It hit her like a bullet. "Um... last night. You know a lot about guns, right?" Actually, this was probably turning into a bad subject really fast. She continued on anyway, though- "Well, I mean... I was thinking maybe I should learn too. That gun is a lot lighter than that sword, after all."
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