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In some cultures, what I do is considered normal.
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Jason stood and yammered at her, but Evelyn’s attention was focused on Thea and Alex. And, of course, Charlene. Leave it to Charlene to shoehorn her way into a situation where a guy is. Although, ugh…

Evelyn grimaced as she glanced over at Alex’s stump. There hadn’t been a lot to recommend him before and there was even less of it now. She couldn’t make out exactly what the one-armed boy was saying to Thea, who wasn’t even trying to hide her tears. As she watched Thea go through James’ bag, a new thought occurred to her. What would she do if the situations were reversed?

What would she do it if she had to sit and sift Nik’s belongings because someone had killed him? What would she do if she never got the chance to tell Nik how much she loved him because someone else had taken him away forever?

As the mental scenario unfurled in her mind, Evelyn’s breathing began to speed until she was practically panting. She felt like she was suffocating. Everything was pressing in on her, especially Jason who wouldn’t stop talking!

Waving him off, she walked into the trees a bit. She didn’t even notice that she did not have her bag. Evelyn focused on putting one foot in front of the other. She would just take a walk and calm herself down. Walk to that tree over there and back to get herself under control. Thea had enough to deal with without her going to pieces on her.

However, when she reached her initial target, she was no calmer than when she started. Picking another target, she quickly started walking in its direction, fully intending on turning around and heading back once she got there.

Evelyn zeroed in on her footsteps, every bit of her attention focused on putting one foot in front of the other. If she could just occupy her mind with the walking, she would stop picturing herself in Thea’s place. Focus on the footsteps. STOP PICURING NIK DEAD! Just…watch where you put your foot. Keep it balanced. Heel, toe. Heel, toe.

She never even noticed when the others disappeared from view completely.

((Evelyn Reed continued in Take Back The Fear))
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