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Someone fell in front of the house that George had chosen to raid. This was not surprising, as the island seemed to have some sort of mystical power that allowed the members to find one another in the oddest places. Even if George was the only other person on the island, the other person would still find him, probably up in a tree or some other bizarre place. What distinguished this person though is that she was yelling something at somebody. Probably not George, given that he heard the word 'game' somewhere in that silly rant of hers, so it was probably aimed at the island's gleeful administrator. As if yelling would make a difference when it came to that man.

With a grunt, George pulled himself to his feet, feeling a strain in his back as he rose. Picking up the chair, he reflected that it would be ridiculously uncomfortable carrying that thing across the entire island. Modifications would probably be necessary at the nearest opportunity, but for the moment, it would simply have to do. If Clumsy Rant Girl happened to be a killer, he didn't suppose that she would wait around for him to knock a leg off the chair or something of that sort.

"Keep it down, would y-" he growled at the girl, then realized that there was something familiar about her. It hit him suddenly. This girl was Maria, that crying person who he'd met at the Rec Center just a short distance away. Even with his current mood, he let a smile creep into the corners of his mouth. Maria and he had not left their last meeting on a positive note, and in all honesty, he would have rather not met her again. But what could he do? Here she was, without that other guy who was taking care of her, and apparently out of her mind. George supposed that he'd simply have to figure out what she was doing before sending her on her way.

"You again..." he muttered, setting the chair down on the grass in front of the house. "Where's that other guy, the one who was supposed to be taking care of you? What, did you get him killed or something?" Thinking about it, George considered that this wasn't the nicest thing to say, but he really didn't care all that much. He had murder on his mind already, so he didn't have to care about being nice. The instant Sebastian was gone, nobody would care how pleasant he was. He'd just be another killer to them, and therefore a bad guy, so why not play the part?
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