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Alexander frowned. He could hear the bitterness in her voice. Well, this is going to go well. In a split second he mentally flashed through the words he'd been rehearsing.

"Look, I understand why you want to hurt Hayley. I know what you're feeling. That urge for revenge. I know what it feels like to want to rip and tear and kill until someone feels as bad as you do. But it's a one way path. You kill her, you're a player. Your friends, these people here, you start down this path, you have to kill them. Or they have to kill you. And what about the people who care about Hayley? What makes you think that doing this is going to bring someone down on you, just like you've come down on her?"

The same protests he'd been making to the others before they'd seperated. The same ideals that had cost him his arm. He wasn't even sure he still believed them. But he couldn't stand by and let Hayley be hurt. He had to stop this. He took a deep breath.

"Look, I under-"

"Alexander...? Is that...really you?"

He looked up. There was a pause that lasted just a scant few seconds.

"What happened to you...?"

A dumb grin spread across Alex's face. He hadn't imagined he would ever see Jasper again. Or any of his friends to be honest. Finding Hayley had been dumb luck and he had been certain it wouldn't happen again.

"Jasper..." he said. He looked back down at Thea and frowned. It would have to wait. Mentally he wished for Hayley to stay away. "Later." he said to Thea, promising to return to the conversation. He smiled that stoner grin for the first time in four days. "I had a fight with a lawnmower. Think it won, but I retained the moral high ground." he said. "Where've you been?" he said.
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