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"No, no, no... I'm not talking about the boat itself. The boat's name is the key... Watch."

As Mike looked around, he noticed two more people. One of them was a black, muscular guy, who actually didn't look all that menacing, and...

"Oh, Cisco..."

Cisco Vasquez, his fellow goalie from the soccer team and a friend-rival by default. Maybe if they would meet during normal circumstances, Mike would freak out, and back away from him, because the announcement flagged him as a killer, but right now, he simply didn't remember about it, because he was more preoccupied with his plan.

The Pole spotted one of the cameras near the boat, and quickly approached it. It was a bit heavy, but it wasn't immobile, so Mike started to adjusting it's view to point it exactly at the 'Liberty' sign.

"Help me if you can. Find one or two more cameras and point them at the boat's name."

After a bit of a struggle, the Pole finally moved the camera so it was pointed out in the correct direction. As it was finally done, Mike entered the camera view (but carefully to not block the sight to the boat), took a few sips of the water for courage (shame it wasn't an alcohol), cleared his throat and started the phase one of his plan.

"To everyone from the government watching this, and trying to find this island and get us out of here." The Pole begun his speech. "My name is Michał Maszer, and I'm one of the students trapped on this island. I know, or at least I certainly hope so, you are trying to locate the island right now. It's a difficult task, so I want to help you as much as I can. The climate on this island should help you figure out the geographical latitude. There's no volcano here, but there is a mountain, which should also help you cross out many islands, but I'm sure you all know this by now. I just discovered something though, which was hidden from your view up until now. This sailboat..." At this point, the Pole pointed out the name with his index finger. "... Is not suitable to get us out of here, but it should help your cause. It's name is 'Liberty'. I'm not that good with the sailing to know what kind of boat is it exactly, but I'm sure you will know. Every larger boat must be registered, so this one should be no exception. Find the registers, check out for every sailboat like that, named 'Liberty'. Find the owner if he's still alive, or at least his last known location. His journals, maybe he plotted a voyage on certain waters. Whatever, that will help to pinpoint down this island. I know it's not much, but I'll try to find more. You need to hurry though. There's not much time left for us."

With those last words, Mike stepped out of the view, looked at the boat and the people who were with him. And then... Nothing happened. Just as expected. It was impossible for him to know, whether the clue was useful or not, but even if, it will take some time, before anyone will find the right course. There was nothing left for him, but to go somewhere else and search the island again.

"Okay guys, to the point..." The Pole said to the three other students with him, while sipping some more water. "Do you want to help me find more clues about this island's location? Or at least, did you found something like that name, which would help us, during those last four days?"
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