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"Sure thing, Dog Moon."
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((GMing of Cisco Vasquez authorised by LaZardo))

Josée breathed a sigh of relief, no matter how dangerous running up to random people seemed to be, you could always count on getting lucky and finding someone nice. Josée was almost pulling Cisco along with excitement

"Nope, doesn't ring a bell. Sorry to disappoint you."

The voice shouted back. Oh well, the island was so big, Josée almost expected to pull a blank when asking someone of the whereabouts of her brother; but at least this person seemed friendly. Her also seemed very happy with himself too, and with good reason.

"Hey tell me . . . Do you what I see?

Josée and Cisco looked to where the boy was pointing, it was quite a strange sight, a sight that at first Josée didn't quite believe, but it was there, floating right in front of them. Josée didn't know what to say. "You don't mean that this is..." Josée started, but couldn't finish her sentence, she didn't know how to feel. She was flabbergasted at the sight. It couldn't possibly be this easy. No, it wasn't that easy. "But... But what about these things?" Josée pointed at her collar. "If we try to escape... Won't they..." Josée's face dropped.
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