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How cute.
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"A cunt, am I?"

Sofia stared at Janet, looked her dead in the eyes as she held the shotgun on the girl. Now which one of them was crazed? Sofia had charged John and broken his arm, sure, but Janet had beaten him and bloodied the boy's face and slammed his head into the dirt. All without provocation. There was now reason for Janet to join the fight, not after Sofia had disarmed the boy. And the shouting that came as she wailed on him? Where the hell did that come from? Oh well... Sofia had the gun, so she was in charge now. And Janet? Well, Sofia was going to be nice to her, since she hadn't really done anything, but now? Now she was just another fucking bitch, another god damn worthless, annoying little obstacle just like that slut Meredith.

"Then I guess I'm the cunt in charge, since I've got the gun and you don't."

With her finger on the trigger, Sofia took a second to glance at where Vivien had been, the spot he had vacated some time ago during the fight. Looks like he didn't want to stick around to see what happened when it was all said and done with. Oh well. One less fucking obstacle. One less eye sore. She had no problem with the myriad of gay and lesbian students at school, but Vivien was on a whole different level from the other boys and girls. She could handle fabulous and could probably even handle flaming, but cross-dressing was a little off-putting for Sofia. Even in Bayview where half the boys seemed to be gay and half the girls seemed to be lesbian, Vivien was just a little too much to handle for the contractors daughter from suburbia.

"It's just the three of us now."

For now.

"And since I have a gun and you don't, I think it's time you did as you were told, bitch."

She motioned with the shotgun for Janet to get up and back away from John, keeping an eye on the bloody and beaten boy to make sure that he really was reeling from his experience and not suddenly going to grow a pair of balls as big as hers had been. Charging down a shotgun armed opponent and staring down the barrel, that took balls. And she was rather proud of her brand new pair of testes, her new weapon and source of power. As long as she had this, no one was ever going to take anything from her. No one. She was the one who was going to take things from others and never again will she allow someone to take anything from her.

Not again. She wouldn't let anyone take something so precious from her again.

"I'm going to survive this and I'm going to find Colin. I'm going to make him pay for what he did and then? Then I'm going to do whatever it takes to get home. And the both of you are obstacles standing in my path. That's it. That's all you are. Obstacles to be dealt with."

Satisfied with where Janet was now standing and confident that the stupid bitch wasn't going to take any chances when faced with a loaded shotgun, Sofia turned her attention to John for a moment. He wasn't doing what he was told.

"Get up."

He was in pain, but really, that was no excuse to disobey her orders.

"Get UP!"

With one swift motion, she brought her foot into John's side, kicking him in order to make him get up. If he refused, she would continue kicking him, again and again until he stood. She wanted the two of them to stand and obey, no matter how badly they were hurt and no matter how much blood they spilled in the process. Sofia was in charge now, god damn it, and that is how it was supposed to be! She was the one on top, she was the one with the power, she was the one who had responsibilities to take care of outside of this fucking game. They didn't matter. They were obstacles and obstacles were meant to be broken.

"Get over there."

She motioned to the edge of the cliff. Obstacles were meant to be broken and she could think of no better way to break these ones down. This road was hers and no one would get in her way, she wouldn't allow it, she just wouldn't! There were still a few things left for her to do before she went home and she wouldn't let anyone stop her from doing what she had to. She had her reasons and no one could understand them. The only one who understood was dead and it was all their fault! These people who kept getting in her way! They kept her from him, they kept her from following her chosen road.

It was their fault and she was going to make them pay. But first...

"Oh, you wanted something, didn't you? A map, was it?"

Without taking her attention away from Janet, the dangerous little bitch she was, Sofia slipped a hand into John's bag and pulled out the first thing that felt like it would be his assigned map. This meant she had to take a hand away from the trigger of the gun, but really, she doubted Janet was dumb enough to try something when the gun was still pointed in her general direction.

"Take it, bitch. Maybe it'll help you find your way to hell."

She threw the map on the ground. There was no way in hell she was going to hand it to her. She didn't want that bitch moving anywhere but toward that cliff, which she seemed adamant on refusing to do. But really, that didn't matter; one good shot from Sofia's brand new beautiful weapon would be enough for Janet, the cliff wasn't entirely necessary. But first, she would take care of her first target. Janet was a bitch but John was there first, so it was only fair to put that fat fuck out of his misery first, right?


She turned the shotgun on John.

"I hope you can swim."
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